Latest news

Oct 28, 2018 (v0.0.10)

  • Snippet's title is link from now, so you can easily open any snippets from group
  • Added icons for shared and published snippets. They are shown for each snippet near by snippet owner
  • Fixed redirection after creating or updating snippets. Page of created/updated snippet should be opened instead of group page from now
  • Updated left menu. Whole item is link from now instead of group's name
  • Replaced "edit group" and "edit snippet" with icons

Oct 20, 2018 (v0.0.9)

  • Added 20 different code highlighting styles, including the most popular ones

Sep 9, 2018 (v0.0.8)

  • Added feedback form

Sep 8, 2018 (v0.0.7)

  • Added one more "Save" button on top of snippet creation form
  • Code of all snippets in group is collapsed by default from now
  • Fixed menu with snippet groups for mobile devices
  • Fixed views counter for bots. Counter should not be increased anymore
  • Fixed views counter for snippet owners. Counter should not be increased anymore
  • Fixed views counter on main page. Counter should be increased only when somebody opens specific snippet

May 5, 2018 (v0.0.6)

  • Added new main page with the most recent published code snippets
  • Added new feature that allows to filter published snippets on main page by language
  • Added information about author, language and last update time for each snippet
  • Modified "About" page
  • Fixed group selection in left menu for several cases
  • Fixed URLs of snippets in "edit" mode

Apr 21, 2018 (v0.0.5)

  • Added likes for snippets. Only logged in users can like snippets, but all people can see number of likes
  • Minor code and infrastructure improvements

Apr 14, 2018 (v0.0.4)

  • Added new nice editor for modifying snippet description
  • Increased maximum size of snippet description to 10000 symbols (including HTML tags)
  • Added views count for all snippets
  • Minor code improvements

Apr 1, 2018 (v0.0.3)

  • Added description for code snippets
  • Increased maximum size of code snippets
  • Added feature for sharing your code snippets with specific people using secret URLs
  • Added feature for sharing your code snippets with everyone
  • Minor code improvements

Mar 31, 2018 (v0.0.2)

  • Refactoring: all pages have been modified a little
  • Fixed several URLs of static files and browser title for several pages

Mar 24, 2018 (v0.0.1)

  • Added the most basic features
  • Site is online!